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NEWS – updated 4/23/2019  –  Martin Gore and Moogfest 2019 news, Tom Eaton, Flying Lotus, Drab Majesty, Richard James Simpson, Reptaliens, Kelly Moran, Robot Koch, Cornelius

FEATURES – updated 04/23/19 – Amycanbe, CIFIKA, Slowness, Chill #54, Merely, Tycho, Ummagma

MUSIC REVIEWS  updated 3/21/2019 – Tamaryn “Dreaming The Dark”, Sun Glitters’ “Lo-Fi-Lo-Ve”, Be Forest – mini review

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Click on the link Catching up with Italogaze – Chill #44 episode if you’re looking for the Chill #44 episode on the This is Chill and the Daily Chill youtube page.