Music that will give you the chills at Moogfest 2017


Focused as additional content to the once or twice monthly This Is Chill/Chill # shows, our related stories involve artists who make chill related music, bright and hypnotic that at times teeter towards the melancholy and even mid-tempo varieties. That said if your definition of chill also includes the shivers sent down your spine, Moogfest 2017 has a couple of artists that won’t disappoint.


Margaret Chardiet’s ten year project is the noise and industrial Pharmakon. Described as confrontational and concise, she walks the fine line engaging with her audience like Masonna has a generation beforehand while perfecting her pre-recorded sounds during her live perfomance. Check out the youtube video of her day performances. This time she’ll be playing Saturday Night May 20th at the Motorco Music Hall.  Lets hope she wears a wireless headset that night – kidding of course.

Her last album, Bestial Burden, focused on the disconnect between mind and body, looking at the human as an isolated consciousness stuck inside of a rotting vessel. For Contact its her 10 year anniversary recording, as she wanted to look at the other side of the spectrum — the moments when our mind can come outside of and transcend our bodies.

Haxan Cloak

Apparently i missed him last year but with so many acts i can’t say i was surprised. He will have share a four hour set with Nick Zinner as part of the Durational Sound Installation at the American Underground on Friday May 19th. Expect a dark, droney atmospheric set. The Needle Drop called his Excavation album one of the scariest sonic experiences you’ll hear from 2013. I’m not sure if this will clash with the daylight from the outside or will it be locked in darkness such as last years Sound Installation held at 21C Hotel that featured Richard Devine amongst others.


Moor Mother

Labelled hardcore poetry, protest music and power electronics, all three attack like distorted voices filling up inside your head. Her 2016 debut album Fetish Bones was named one of the top experimental albums of the year by Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Moor Mother will be part of the Durational Sound Installation series at American Underground Storefront. Her four hour set will happen Thurs afternoon May 18th.


Disclaimer – some of these acts may not bring their reputation to the door much less to the floor.  They may just perform a DJ set featuring remixes of other artists theyve done.  Haxan Cloak did this in particular in Houston.  Last year the normally chill act of Heathered Pearls was far from it when he closed out Saturday Night at Pinhook with a typical DJ set.