Lovesliescrushing first album released on this date 24 years ago

24 years ago on this date (July 7, 1993) Bloweyelashwish from Arizona based Lovesliescrushing was released on Projekt Records. As the first wave of Shoegaze was sunsetting in the UK replaced by New Wave of New Wave first and then the revival of Brit Pop, there was still hope for the subgenre in the US albeit a small but loyal following. Following the crossover of the Cocteau Twins and a lesser extent Lush in America, artists with similar influences sprouted up from the east coast from labels like Bedazzled Records to the west coast and Projekt Records. Projekt would soon set up shop in Chicago later on. Other bands would experiment with shoegaze until moving on to another sound. Still the hallmark of shoegaze was My Bloody Valentine’s 1991 release Loveless, pushing the already fringe sounds of rock n roll to a space experimented by groups like Hawkwind but unlike them rendering the concept of the aggressive guitar into a world of infinite wildflowers and melancholy visions. Bloweyelashwash takes those even further, suggesting they’ve left the roots of rock n roll behind riding off into the sunset. They’re second album was more ambient inspired. – Raymond Stanley