Chill #32

Episode 32 from This Is Chill was uploaded last week.   It was a struggle completing this in October.  While this was uploaded, added an article of new releases by Emancipator and Sinestesia Letargica.  Also working on uploading Chill #33 by the end of November and a special non chill episode by the end of the year.

This episodes spans more from this decade – not just this year.  That means releases from five years ago.  If you’re on top of this, then maybe its a nice jaunt down memory lane and if not welcome.  Check out music from Unison – the witch house duo who is been called France’s version of Salem, oOoOO, Actress, Andy Stott and some of personal favorites Sun Glitters, Arms and Sleepers and Stumbleine.

I hope you enjoy it.