Emancipator and Sinestesia Letargica – two releases that claim their own in the spectrum of chill

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Portland Producer Doug Appling better known as Emancipator has been busy the last couple of months.  In late August, he released his first single Ghost Pong from the future titled Baralku.    He says of the new single: “I’ve been inspired lately to return to making melodic instrumental Hip-Hop and this one has a chilling vibe to it which felt right. This specific song was born from a field recording when we had a ping pong table on tour with us.”  

Only a couple of days later, he returned to the iconic Red Rocks in Colorado with support from Machinedrum.  Just recently his new release Baralku debuted at #1 on the Itunes electronic chart.  Falling in love with hip-hop, jazz, and world music, while learning violin, Emancipator has been honing his style of chill since his highly acclaimed 2006 debut, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough.   He will be touring North America the first part of 2018.  His closest Baralku Tour appearance to Central Florida will be February 24th in Atlanta.

For more information visit this site – https://www.facebook.com/emancipatormusic/

Also highlights of his August 28th show at Red Rocks



Multi-instrumentalist Low Rhahn from Brazil has released another four track for Sinestesia Letargica the duo project he’s been involved in for over a year with Nefelibata.

“A glória do fracasso voa como pássaro inventando passos pelo céu”, (@LowRhahn, 20/11/17)

“the glory of failure flies like a bird inventing steps through the sky”, (@Lowrhahn, 20/11/17)
Revealing some eery synthiness the new release Amethystlove is available here – https://sinestesialetargica.bandcamp.com/album/amethystlove
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