Chill #33

After a long delay in completing Chill #32 – missing the month of October – i felt compelled to release Chill #33 as soon as possible and preferably before December so i would be in pace to complete at least twelve episodes in 2017.   Last year i was creating  at a furious pace of two to three a month, but have slowed down since and for the better.

This episode in addition to new music from Emancipator and Tokimonsta, features different music from artists played during previous episodes like Sun Glitters and Andy Stott.  Also check out first time plays from Froe Char and Levi Patel.   This episode didn’t feature any artists from the 1990s, but thought i’d fit in my old project Loud Music for Soft People before the 30 minute break – well as close to 30 minutes as possible.

Anyhow hope you enjoy this episode and there will be one more before the end of 2017.