Chill #34 and music news – Lisa Berg, Moogfest 2018 and Astrocrushing



Chill #34 was delayed due to the holidays.  I was hoping to upload an episode before the end of 2017, but realized it wouldn’t happen.  So for those of you who look for new episodes of mine i am sorry for that.

Chill #34 will feature music from Luxembourg cellist Lisa Berg who unfortunately succumbed to leukemia and passed away Dec 22nd.  She was 39.  More details here.  It was also shared on the Glittersberg Facebook page, her collaboration with Luxembourg electronic music artist Sun Glitters.  The episode will feature music from both her solo recordings and her collaboration with Sun Glitters as Glittersberg.   Plus there’s music from Andy Stott and his recording with the Latvian Radio Choir and Levi Patel.

Moogfest 2018 lineup has been announced and so far it continues to separate itself from the usual money focusing arts and music festivals.  Of course, Moogfest likes to announce in increments so you’ll likely see some acts that are touring show up but so far they’ve either announced some artists that rarely tour (MIDORI TAKADA) or some relatively unknowns ready to gather for a unique arts, discussion (Chelsea Manning) and music festival like this one.  Moogfest 2018 has experienced some controversy during the announcements (Caroline Polachek), but otherwise still ready for May 17th to May 20th in Downtown Durham, NC.

Lastly, Brazilian multimedia and musician Low Rhahn yet again has a new release of music.  This time its under Astrocrushing and the new album is called “EmeraldHeart”.  Expect to hear a plethora of shoegaze, dream and noise pop influences.  Check out his bandcamp page and click on the Emerald Heart link for more details.