Chill #37 plus older episodes of chill # available on youtube


Chill #37 mixes darker and droney music featuring Loscil, Function & Vatican Shadow, and Moogfest 2016 alumni Alessandro Cortini plus others.  Its proof that this show attempts to feature more than your typical accessible chill music you’ll hear on satellite radio and other podcasts.  I’m not trying too hard to be different for the sake of it, because you’ll hear music that is played on other shows and stations, but this show won’t limit itself within the chill sub genre.  I’ve been a fan of atmospheric music for a long time and i’m not afraid of mixing it up – of course as long it makes sense within the show.

Recently i’ve started uploading some of the old episodes to youtube.  I have three episodes available without the fast forward restrictions.  A great benefit for mixcloud is they’re good with crediting artists, something i felt hesitant with when it came to youtube.  So far except for music being banned in certain countries, i haven’t had those problems uploading to youtube.  The artists monetary claims are working also.  Still at this time all first run’s will be uploaded to

For more details on the episodes uploaded to youtube, visit my facebook or twitter page.