Hardon Collider / Freak1 / Hexbomb and William Shitner live in Orlando



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Not really a “chill” concert line up across the board, but Tuesday March 27th, i found time to attend Uncle Lou’s in Orlando for an experimental concert featuring ambient, circuit bending, noise plus hip hop and gabber music with national touring act Hardon Collider, Freak1, Hexbomb and William Shitner.  Unfortunately i missed Hardon Collider’s performance.  More on that later.  By the time i arrived, national touring act Freak1 and Hexbomb were collaborating with William Shithead on the floor.  I was able to watch a good portion of their set and the rest of the show plus i took a couple of pictures and uploaded some brief videos too.


Afterwards, local act Joy Lane took the floor, maximizing their use of beginner level keyboard mixed in with echo looping pedals, creating repetitious beats and stunningly stark sounds..considering they were using a keyboard with no midi connection at the very least.  Although at times the repetition was superfluous, the ability to conjure the memories of Bauhaus and especially the legendary New York duo Suicide was short of remarkable….especially the first track they played live.  Footage below.

Afterwards, i wasn’t sure who went on last if, maybe it was William Shithead and another collaborator, check picture above.  It started typical guerrilla style, with the audience unaware and right when the previous act played their last song.  It was electronic loops, circuit bending, distorted noise.  It was over-amplified reel to reel tape loops melting, sound sparks flying and shortening.  The collection of volume became too much for me that i walked close to the entrance.  So if i had a difficult time engulfing the noisy atmosphere, it wasn’t a good idea to record a video either.  I mean the quality of the other videos wasn’t that great in the first place.  Imagine pure distortion versus the camera microphone – not a good result.  Anyhow it must have been close to 20 minutes.  Then the show ended.

Later on curious about the rest of the line up, i met the producer who calls himself Hardon Collider and order of the performances tonight . Unfortunately he went on third, right after two local ambient artists and right before Freak1 and Hexabomber.  I was hoping he would play last as his name seemed like the feature of the national touring producers/artists.  I got a chance to speak with him briefly beyond that particularly where he’s going next which was Arkansas.  Anyways if you’re in the NYC area, Hardon Collider will play at the Ende Tymes Festival 9 – Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation April 6th to April 8th at Silent Barn in Brooklyn.   Speaking of noise festivals check out FL ANTIFEST III in Lakeland April 14th.