Machinedrum tour with Chrome Sparks and Ela Minus stops in Orlando – honors March for our Lives protesters





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On March 24th, the Machinedrum and Chrome Sparks tour made their stop at the Social in Orlando.   It was an early show.  Doors opened after 6pm and by the time i got there before 7pm, opening act Ela Minus was already on stage.  While she was setup amongst the later performances, i was impressed with the visuals of her keyboard setup.  On the side, it read “Brightmusic, Dark Times”.   Indeed.   I’d like to say her vocal stylings sometimes remind me of Bjork, driven by subtle, filtered down beats yet moving enough, with a cascade of synth sounds mixed with random noise that reminisce of days with a space age theme that is really more of a memory.   UPDATE: Live performance of her below.


During this show, Chrome Sparks actually went on second.  For all i know, this could be different in other cities but i didn’t ask.  This was the third time i’ve seen Chrome Sparks and i thought to myself this was unlikely – seeing Chrome Sparks three times, especially since 2016.  All three shows featured the Brooklyn based electronic musician touring as a duo with a drummer who doubled as producer also.  During Minus and Chrome Sparks performance, there was a covered table set up near the stage with guard rails protecting it.   Being familiar had its advantages, such as the transition to “Moonraker”.   Knew before the hard change.  They played some of the other well known songs too.  The crowd was enthusiastic and into it as was I.  During the performance, Jeremy Malvin gave props to the March for our Lives protesters who were out in Downtown Orlando that day.  Audience responded in kind.  UPDATE:  Live performance from Chrome Sparks.

After Chrome Sparks finished, it was revealed that the table protected by a guard rail on the floor was Machinedrum’s set up.  So the stage was taken out of the equation cutting the size in half.  This wasn’t bad and it provide a more intimate feel.  After some technical difficulties, Travis started performing.  For the limited time he had, he was able to mix in a good portion of his releases and didn’t seem like he was limited to new stuff.  Correct me if i’m wrong though.  He started off with his IDM and glitch stuff and worked in his new release later.  Remembering how i missed him play in Miami and Atlanta two or three years ago, its safe to say a check mark can now be placed.  Decent performance. At the end he was disappointed by the limited time allowed, especially since he’s lived in Orlando for a couple of years before relocating.


Chill #38 features some footage from this stop on the the tour and will be uploaded this week.