Master Servos, Child of Night, Burnt Hair and Lush Agave cast a cloud of goth in Orlando


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Sunday April 1st was a day of pranks, a day to worship a bunny, a day of unions and a night of goth and dark synth at Orlando’s Stardust Coffee featuring touring acts from Florida and abroad.   From Florida, ambient vocalist Lush Agave started the night lending her altering expansive voices to the night with the duo Burnt Hair closing out with droned out bleakness mixed with pleasurable mid tempo beats.   I’m finally glad to watch them live after all the appearances i missed in Orlando.  Here’s a brief video of Lush Agave’s performance.   They were placed first and last, sandwiching the national touring acts  whose appearance in Orlando was their only one in Florida.

Master Servos and Child of Night was the featured acts as part of their twelve city tour.  While the show ran a little over two hours, it felt quick.   As i said earlier, i’m finally glad i was able to see the Florida acts and wished i would’ve seen them sooner.  Both Master Servos and Child of Night were good, but the latter’s darkness was more appealing and engulfing.   While Lush Agave and Burnt Hair have been playing shows in Florida regularly for years, it can’t be said for Master Servos and Child of Night so it was special in that sense.   From the anticipation surrounding it, its only appearance in Florida must mean a big deal past and present.   As of  4/6, they have three more stops with Brooklyn on Friday night before finishing their tour that Sunday.  For more info see below.  Apparently the show was moved to Stardust Coffee at the last minute.

UPDATE:  Uploaded video from concert in order – Child of Night and Burnt Hair.