Amusement Parks on Fire returns with their latest EP – All the New Ends

Fresh off last years single “Our Goal to Realize” their first release in over eight years (8.8 years to be exact), British art-rockers Amusement Parks on Fire continue their signature songwriting sophistication and sonic scope with their new EP “All the New Ends” – released Friday April 13th.  The title track begins with a relaxing vibe at a crisp strolling pace. The second half truly shines, with a second guitar bringing a slight psychedelic vibe. Mixed with the melodic vocals they have truly continued to cultivate their sound.

They’ve come a long way from its formation in 2004, which started as a solo project for Michael Feerick, who wrote and recorded nine songs on a shoestring budget with friend Daniel Knowles engineering the sessions. Since then they have grown into a full band, releasing three full albums and six EPs of experimental, art rock and shoegaze music with Alternative Press proclaiming their third album 2010s “Road Eyes” “a near perfect album”, “‘sun-drenched, challenging and gratifying”.  The shoegaze comparisons were astounding.  They were claimed as the ones that revived the scene that celebrated itself, took the mantle once sat upon by My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive who were out on a long hiatus or long broken up and experimenting the post rock nuance.  This nu-gaze scene existed since but to label Amusement Parks on Fire as such didn’t feel right to the shoegaze music historian.  ….they said Amusement Parks on Fire were more than that.   And it can be argued as such.

Their new video “All the New Ends” was released in April 2018.  Listen to it here!


Amusement Parks on Fire also started their tour in Europe this month.



Expect the new Amusement Parks on Fire on future episodes of Chill #.