UK noise-rock band Dose’s 7″ debut “Furniture” is worth the commotion

They are bringing you straight into their universe and on their terms. 

Debut single ‘Furniture’ by Newcastle, UK experimental noise-rock band Dose is due for release on vinyl on 27th April via cult indie label A Turntable Friend.

Their cinematic amalgamation of discordant melodies, intricate guitars and a strong rhythm– all blended together with an array of obscure effects and samples- has already earned them rave reviews on magazines such as DIY Magazine and The Line Of Best Fit.


And we at This is Chill # agree.  “Furniture” strikes like a portal to another dimension, with it’s looping, discordant guitar riffs leading the way.   Shattered choir voices apparently recall memories with atonal and whispered voices randomly uttered in between.  When its not warming up with sparring cadence,  jangling sounds and subtle ominous shrieks,  it blasts to levels worth testing the volumes, illuminating into the sky,  frantically casting its light over the dark footprints leftover in harmonious victory.

That is where the single really shines.  Layers and layers of spacey distortion and feedback are piled on top of each other like a MBV shoegaze marathon recording session.   To merely call it noise is to also ignore the coats of melancholic and sugary feedback washed over the others.  With “Furniture”, like its name Dose pushes the boundaries of its noise rock moniker, yet somehow keeps it together.   They are bringing you straight into their universe and on their terms.  Who are we to complain?