Blade of Grass new single “Looks So Good” reveals their subtle manifestation towards the eerie


Los Angeles based Blade of Grass have laid claim as the makers of a dark psychedelic swirling sound since their beginnings in 2015.   When playing live, the members build off of each other in a continuously intensifying loop.   Josh Murphy’s vocals are unexpected auditory hallucinations that collide with Mike Hurst’s lysergic rush of guitar fueled by Amos Przkaza’s furious drumming.   Yet both of their EPs, Skydream (2015) and Eyes Like Diamonds (2016) seem to have struggled to convert that.  Sure the spacey dub like inspirations are there sometimes, hints of their trippy vibes can be heard on songs such as “Skydream” and “Things Fall Apart”; in addition “The Day Will Come” and “Light in My Eyes” are songs that can lead to jittery yet blissful haphazardness.   Still and maybe the staff is projecting, but we sense that a hit record in the horizon subsides their potential to catch their pure emotions – the live performances – in a jar.

Then again perhaps the 2016 EP Eyes Like Diamonds – with some of the stand out songs mentioned before – is the foundation away from the chase for the elusive, in that it has led to the new single “Looks So Good” (released April 20th) – as Blade of Grass reveals a glimpse of an even more eerie side. The song can be almost called a desert madness. The core forms long, dune like structures, the bass giving in from its ominous fascination to a groove with a faint surf rock vibe, almost commanding a ride for itself.  The electronics and vocals however are atmosphere forevermore, like a sandstorm, twirling and dancing ubiquitously. The tribal-esque drums mixed with the vocal echo finish recalls the heart of a desert madman who sees more than just the sand. With a more dub and lyric focused past, Blade of Grass’ new single “Looks So Good” almost seems like a natural progression, yet their experimental side really comes through in their other instrumentation.

In conclusion, the staff likes the new Blade of Grass single, specifically the direction towards the more use of experimentation the better.   And at times early Jane’s Addiction remnants are suggested throughout so there’s that.  The song is already in rotation on influential radio station’s KXLU Los Angeles and KCRW Santa Barbara.

Its their first release with independent Los Angeles and Washington DC based label Etxe Records.