Watch the new video “Iris” from Italogaze music artists Stella Diana

In anticipation of their fifth album “57”  – available on May 25th by Vipchoyo Sound Factory – Italian shoegaze artists Stella Diana has released a video for the song “Iris.”   While “Der Sandmann” was their first single, this is actually their first video for the album.

When asked to describe the song “Iris”, singer / guitarist Dario Torre comments:

“As always happens, there is no relationship between the title and the lyrics. Iris is a vortex, a wall, a set of sensations. An elusive feminine figure suggests that perfection is represented by the number 3, but the rest of the lyrics emphasize the difficulty of communication between people.”

The video is described as “our modern version of Cumaean Sibyl. she was the priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle at Cumae, a Greek colony located near, our city, Naples. Our young sibyl moves inside caves and mysterious passages, looking for something ancient…”.

It was filmed at the Galleria Borbonica/the Bourbon Gallery in Naples.