Watch Tristan de Liege’s new video “Laure”

Tristan de Liège has a new video for the song “Laure” from his enthusiastically received album Kosame released April 23rd. The video was released Monday May 21st.

According to the experimental electronic multi-instrumentalist, the song was inspired by the feelings of nostalgia, peacefulness, and transience that accompany rain.

“I wanted to have a video that captured a sense of transience in creating something beautiful. I think there’s a particularly beautiful moment in making art when you have that first connection between the inspiration in your head and what you physically create using your materials,” Tristan says of the video. “As a musician, of course the song continues to exist from that point onward but there is a really special moment during that creation that is never quite felt again. I wanted this video to recreate that feeling. The artist depicted is Penelope Lenaerts, a visual artist based in Sacramento, California.”

As a teen, Tristan de Liège started out in an indie band before experimenting with loop-based music and gradually evolving his sound to its present textured state. “I’m always looking to create textures and ambiences in my tracks to give them lots of depth, whether it be with synths, strange samples, or field recordings,” he explains.
He also tips his hat to artists as diverse as Steve Reich, Nils Frahm, Johann Johannson, J Dilla, DJ Krush, Nujabes, Madlib, Darkchild, DJ Shadow, as well as the LA beat scene, Brainfeeder, and Stones Throw. Of his love for Asian music in particular, he says, “When I’m thinking of western music I’m thinking of chord progressions and scales and typical arrangement patterns and so on. But when I’m listening to for example traditional Japanese music a lot of that goes out the window and I’m focused instead on textures and mood more abstractly.”

And the reviewers can relate.  From 6am-group:” “It’s easy to see how Tristan has been inspired by some of his favorite artists, which include Bonobo, Four Tet, Radio Citizen, and The Cinematic Orchestra, all the while maintaining a distinct and signature sound that sets him apart from his peers.”

Watch the video below.  Kosame is out now on Loci Records.

Video Credits:
Penelope Lenaerts – Artist
Austen Jacobson – Production, Editing
Tristan de Liège – Photography
Will Grubb – Photography
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The source of the article is from a press release.