New Memorial Day weekend release – PC Music label’s Easyfun “Be Your USA”

(5/25/2018)(from press release) Cult pop producer EASYFUN today released the new single “Be Your USA”.  Its available on the London based PC Music label.

According to the press release, “if Taylor Swift was born just 2 years later – in 1991 instead of 1989 – then it’s very likely she would have picked up a computer and written this exact tune, but we’ve made things easier (and slightly more fun) by uploading it today for everyone to enjoy.  A simple love song, designed & mixed specifically to be played on Top 40 radio and streamed as part of the world’s best playlists.  Head directly to to experience a psychedelic grey lyric video universe animated by Timothy Luke.

It’s been another great year for the label, but an even better year for EASYFUN who has permanently moved into the recording studio after producing tracks for Carly Rae Jepsen and MØ as part of Charli XCX’s Pop 2 and Number 1 Angelmixtapes.

 EASYFUN’s debut EP was in fact the label’s first release back in 2013, followed by the genre-defining Deep Trouble EP, and the shape-shifting Noonie Bao collaboration “Monopoly.” The producer also teamed up with Hannah Diamond and A. G. Cook to create some of PC Music’s most loved songs, including “Hi,” “Fade Away,” and “Make Believe,” with more gems coming soon.

PC Music | EASYFUN Soundcloud