Arp’s new album set for release June 22nd – watch new audio upload

Looking for something that’s not typical of todays electronic scene?  While there’s certainly many out there, the latest of those comes from NY based artist producer Alexis GEORGOPOULOS aka Arp, releasing his fourth full length “Zebra” available June 22th.

According to the press release, the double length album is a mutant offspring of diverse stylings, unlikely convergences and unfixed constellations. ZEBRA is a beguiling crystallization, a post-everything symbiosis of ancient to future psychotropics, emphasizing points of connectivity between far-flung traditions.  the new album is as naturalistic as it is alien, disrupting outdated boundaries between musical traditions, hierarchies and genre politics.   It certainly is a blur between acoustic and electronic and at times a revival of spacey and exotic influences only used sparingly for the sake of  nostalgia.

Check out the youtube upload above.