Watch the video “Berlin is in Love” by Starframes

I wanted to quickly share the second single “Berlin is in Love” from dream pop influenced artists Starframes before the upcoming album “Nicht Vergessen” is released late 2018.  The song is directly related to the homonymous chapter of the novel, written by vocalist and guitarist Raphael Bramont, that will follow the album’s release.

Starframes formed in Naples, Italy 14 years ago and has three releases – the full album ‘Street Politics” in June 2009(Mile High Music Records, UK), the follow up “Ethereal Underground” in early 2011 and the self-produced EP “Unwired” in summer 2014.

If you like jangly guitars with an outpouring of uplifting synth pads and a slice of slide effects conveyed by a nice kick of beats and pensive driven lyrics to match then check it out.   The video is added above.

(parts of the article is sourced from a press release)