Check out the new single ’12 Days’ from Gill Bondy

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(Photo By: Ashten Ricardo)

On June 22nd, Toronto based duo Gill Bondy – released their first single “12 Days.” on all digital service providers.   Comprised of Hayden Stewart and Binod Singh –  both self styled multi-instrumental producers and composers, their description of the single is a cultivated refreshing tone, highlighted by a steady percussion;  paired with smooth vocal harmonies and mellow synth undertones, reminiscent of a long summer day in the city.

An important influence on the duo is Ariel Pink, as they take great pleasure of taking somewhat classic song writing ideas and flipping them on their heads. They also like to create an interplay between thoughtful, unexpected arrangements paired with sonic textures, harmonious vocals, and the melodies that accompany them. Some of their classic artist influences they mention include George Harrison, David Bowie and Nick Drake, while more modern influences range from The Shins to Gorillaz and MGMT.

As for the song, it seems like yesterday when Neon Indian released their well known debut “Deadbeat Summer”, one of the songs that would define the beginning of chill wave.  That was nine years ago. While the quirkiness in “12 Days” isn’t obvious compared to “Deadbeat Summer”, some of the Ariel Pink influences are, which is good news for fans of the subgenre.  The lyrics also deliver in some uncanny soulful melodramatic fashion as well.  Its not impossible to imagine the great live performers of our time romanticizing the lyrics “At 32 days I’m making up my mind, If all of this is really worth my time, At 22 days I’m starting to lose my mind, But I always wait it out” like its their own….or at the very least it can be fun karaoke too.

Expect more from them later this year.  Check out the video below.

Note – original source from press release, article updated from original 6/23 write up