interesting new single from Nashville’s Future Thieves – a brief review of “Dark Spin” – watch the video

Based on the new music i’m receiving as of late, its apparent summer is an ideal time for  new single releases as their full albums won’t be out until the end of the year.  Another one comes from Nashville’s Future Thieves.  Featuring Elliot Collett (vocals/Guitar), Austin McCool (Guitar), Nick Goss (Bassist), and Gianni Gibson (Drums), the band released the single “Dark Spin” earlier this month and just recently made an official video for it.  At least the wait for the new album won’t be too long as their self titled new album is scheduled for September 7th.

The new single has apparently defined its segmented departure from what has been described as their Americana influenced rock debut three years ago.  After that, they released “Sucker” which introduced what Billboard called “an infusion of electro-grooves” and an appearance on the Fallon Show.  With this single, vocalist Elliott Collett has gravitated towards a softer approach as has the rest of the band.  They describe it as dreamy soundscapes and hypnotic grooves with ethereal synthesizers, vintage drum machines, and shimmering guitars…and i tend to agree….with assistance from producer and longtime collaborator Alex Jarvis.  It was recorded at the Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX.

“Dark Spin” breezes through like a rare nice day and if you watch the video you’ll know why.  The Netflix TV show “Stranger Things” is what i can’t stop thinking of when i hear this song regardless, highlighted by the airy arp synthesizer grasping tightly to whatever light that is slowly dimming.  Listening to vocalist Elliot Collet you might recognize a poor man’s John Mayer back there but then with lyrics like “I’m looking trying to find who’s got what was mine” that’s not possible.   If you don’t really pay attention to the lyrics, its a friendly transition between two sides of hell.  If you do then it sounds like revenge.  Its an unusual creepy undertone that steadily emerges, but kept under wraps by functioning bright tones.


Note – parts of the article are from a press release