New video from Ross From Friends ‘Pale Blue Dot’


Electronic music artist Ross From Friends released a new video today (July 17th) from the forthcoming debut album “Family Portrait”.  Titled “Pale Blue Dot”, the lofi house track used footage from his mom’s video shot in 1990.

To quote from the press release “Constructed from home footage – shot by “Ross’s” (future) mum – the video tells the story of the spontaneous raves his parents set up on a bus trip around Europe in 1990!”

Thats almost 30 years ago!  Anyhow the video looks nice and scenic, the quality has held up and in parts even keeps it modernism intact.  Personally my time was spent watching hardcore, metal and industrial bands in concert and spending my nights at the all ages alternative music night club when i wasnt going to school or working part time.  I didnt feel outdated.  How time flies.  Shame i dont have those videos or photos.

credit – Fabrice Bourgelle