Ginla’s new single “Infinite” is available and it’s worth your time

feature image courtesy of (Photo By: Alana Dersken)

A couple of weeks ago, electronic duo Ginla released their first single and only video from the upcoming debut album “Codex” out September 7th on Terrible Records.  The good impression left on me led to hopes of a promising outlook when the album is finally out.  Well apparently a decision was made to release another single titled “Infinite” on youtube and other major digital formats.  Oh my!  I’ll step back and give it another listen again to make sure, but hearing this is compelling me to label this in some superlative land nothing deserves.  So I’ll shy away from that and praise its airy melancholy vibes and surprisingly moving drum n bass inspired beats (but then submerging beats is my specialty).  They say its suffusing benchmarks of the UK electronic tradition through their pillow-talk pop, echoes of Brian Eno’s resplendent ambiance curling up against flickering drum’n’bass breaks and the wide-open release of Four Tet’s garage house. I’ll add if this is cliche so be it, but listening to the bridge for “Infinite” is the harmony of dreams my friend.  Anyways check it out!


Note – some info collected from press release sources