Listen to Chill #43 on mixcloud – featuring music from Grains of Sound, Lauge and Baba Gnohm – plus more

Chill #43 was uploaded this morning on  It’s 50 minutes of chill related music from artists from instrumental hip hop Arms and Sleepers to Ozora music festival veterans Grains of Sound.  Playlist is listed below.


Speaking of which, Grains of Sound is a side project from brothers Chris (Exeris) & Jason Sevanick, focused more on progressive psy-trance to downtempo psychill and beatless ambient.  Their recent EP the Dome is a re-creation of their live ambient performance at the Chill Dome during 2017’s Ozora Music Festival in Hungary.  The side project of their industrial act Mindless Faith, Grains of Sound’s first release was in 2007 with their double-disc debut album “Rays of Life”, comprised of Vol. 1 Down (downtempo) and Vol. 2 Under (ambient), on AlterCulture Records.  In 2010, they released the triple disc “Sine Language” and its been ongoing since.


Henrik Laugesen and Kalle Christensen better known as the duo “Lauge & Baba Gnohm” has also created electronic music since the 2000s – inspired by IDM/glitch and melancholic influences the duo’s first releases were in 2008.  One of the tracks, the single “Sandslottet” was re-released a year ago.  Lauge is working on a third release for 2018.

Chill #43 playlist – listen on the attached player above or click on Chill #43 link to the left.

Grains of Sound – Vintage Voices (cacti mix)
Tikki Masala – obsecure moods
black ether – lore
hibernation -dreamstep
Lauge – sandslottet
Suicideyear – Days Forever ft. Georgia (Official Audio)
Arms and Sleepers – Be This Way (feat. Steffaloo)
Third Person Lurkin – Tunnel Bliss
yppah – Never Mess With Sunday
Sad Radio On Cassini – Every Heartbeat Is A Flower