Listen to Hanna Kost’s single “Tired of the Sunshine”

According to Hanna Kost’s soundcloud page – well at least as of this date –  the 24 year old makes music, but can’t decide on a sound so she jumps around.  Based in Santa Monica, her wide range of influences, from Brit pop to 60’s French yéyé to indie rock, Hanna combines her classical piano background with her love of pop music.  Before the new single, she spent her college years on the east coast, releasing 4-track EP called “Spectrum,” a title that reflects songs ranging in style from dreamy indie pop to more straight indie rock.  Her one-off single, Monte Carlo, was #1 on the online indie charts and played throughout the US, South America, and Europe.

Sometimes jumping around and exploring the gamut of styles lands you with a song like “Tired of the Sunshine”, a drifty ode to the demanding expectations of sunny weather.  As she declares her weariness on her sleeve, the slightly buzzy guitar riffs settle below giving way to echoing bells and piano takes that waver between clever cynicism and a reverie of desires, ambitions and probably even relief considering its the dog days of summer right now.  The build up to the chorus says it all.

Expect her debut album Gossamer to be released Summer of 2018.  Until then check out the youtube video – audio only   Its also available on the major digital sites too.

hanna kost tired of the sunshine

note – sources of some of the article courtesy of press release