Watch the new video “Change” from Italian music artists In Her Eye

Earlier this year, the Italogaze music group In Her Eye released their new album “Change” , an album i wrote a feature and music review (good album by the way) about.

Excerpt from the article below – click on the link above to read its entirety:

Vocalist Giuseppe Galotti’s signature varied styles continue on the new album; whether he’s fluctuating from Lawrence from Felt or Tom Verlaine to Adam Franklin of Swervedriver. Whatever personal change they’re experiencing, the urge to dance will never cease, a reminder of where In Her Eye is positioned in the dancey/not dancey spectrum of the Italogaze universe. And yet songs crafted like “Closer to Me”,”Bianca” and to an extent “Change” can arguably testify to some of its changes with its driving but subdued rhythmic direction, ideas that highlighted some of Swerverdriver’s 2015 release “I Wasn’t Born to Lose You” allowing more of its dreamy jangly guitar ambience to emerge. That said, though not as raw and lacking in ambience as some of their early releases, it still hasn’t lost that loving feeling with unhinged grandiosity as demonstrated by “Neon Lights” and “Demons” before culminating with “As In A Dream”, catchy with its crispy riffs and punchy beats as if they were dreaming of an Oxford band in the city of Milan. The reflective sounding “Life” closes out the album, returning to those changes and it seems appropriate, both songs stating their case at the crossroads.

As of late they followed up to “Closer to Me” with the title track.

It’s also their official debut video from the new album also. Check it out. If you haven’t heard In Her Eye’s newest album, read the review. They should be available on all media outlets and formats.



Note – source from press release