Electronic artist Suicideyear’s “Color the Weather” worth more than a listen

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Suicideyear – Color the Weather

One of the more profound tracks on the newest album “Color the Weather” from electronic artist Suicideyear is the collaboration with Casey MQ on ‘Said and Done’.  The song starts off as classic R&B with James Prudhomme’s filtered trap vibes scattered randomly.  It can be argued new soul influences are prevalent too. Then the typical structure of a song takes a nosedive, spiraling in its loop with the tone set for the nether regions before fading out. It left a creepy impression to say the least and i suspect the nihilism wasnt lost on Suicideyear either.  It speaks those that dont pay lip service or discard experimentation even within a good beat.

That’s the overall feeling i get from listening to the album. Regardless of how punchy the opening track ‘7 Year Dream’ builds to, its a pleasure to absorb the spacey sounds that control the vibe.  It cant be ignored.  ‘Momma’ with its perceived reflection of sorts is the same. I like how the melody plays off the trilled beats recalling thoughts of leaving home, with piano sounds emerging before seemingly plunging into the future, more space sounds symbolizing the unknown.  ‘Days Forever’ featuring Georgia is another song where the soulful yet vintage piano and strings impress, like watching old videos of parks and ponds. Georgia’s voice is sensed to be framed in a past generation, still relevant to those that remember, dusted up and partially deconstructed for today’s modern sensibilities. In fact, i found myself searching for old Sesame Street video interludes while listening to this.

Speaking of interlude, the titled song ‘Interlude’ might be a throw away song for others, but i like the dub and subtle industrial impression it left on me in addition to its outer space atmospherics, another theme adopted on half of the album if you haven’t noticed. ‘Days Won’t End’ is a nice mix of reflection and the imminent forthcoming, minimal ambient pianos reflecting the past with wonky sampled voices apparently signaling to the future. There’s some tracks on here that don’t catch on fast enough, but i saw some of his great performance at Moogfest 2018 and i’m sure that will change.  Overall, the new Suicideyear is a superb combination of trap driven beats and atmospherics, a balancing act of assorted reflections with a tear in the eye and eerie self-prophesies.