Chill #45 playlist – Gabrielle Roth, Test Shot Starfish, Swoone and more

Chill #45 is now uploaded on  I also attached the player on this page.

Hey there!  Sorry i’m behind on writing a feature for this.  I’ll probably keep this short and feel free to check out the links.  I’ve written about some of the artists recently.



I will share this. Even with all the access to information, stories like the passing away of Gabrielle Roth in 2012 will go by without much notice and thus for fans like me will never know.  Its a shame because the discovery of her voice and music that day in an Orlando record store in the mid 1990s, when i purchased “Totem” stayed with me since then.  Being introduced to her music was a shot in the arm; a profound collection added to the soundtrack of my existence.  It doesnt matter whether i’m eulogizing in 2012 or remembering her six years later, she will be missed.


Another music act to check out is the duo of Kyle Schember and Ryan Stuit known as Test Shot Starfish.  Their 2nd album “Music for Space” was released today October 5th.  Their space aesthetics evokes the outer earth walking on thin ice with the rest of the universe. Their union of space and vibe is what they like to call “thinking man’s techno”.

Chill #45 playlist

gabrielle roth and the mirrors – stone circle
test shot starfish – rollout
grains of sound – the dome
lauge and baba gnome – daybreak
suicideyear – tired
geotic – nav
stumbleine – kaleidoscope
swoone – run