watch video from Brussels based electronic artist Galaktlan from the new album “En Garde”

Brussels based Estonian experimental electronic music artist Taavi Laatsit – known as Galaktlan – has a collection of what he calls sci-fi aesthetic recordings spanning back six plus years.  He signed with Seksound in 2013, releasing the album “Second Memory”. With 2018 drifting into the autumn season, he released his third album on the label, tenth album overall – titled “En Garde” on September 17th. According to press release, “En Garde” escorts the listener to other realms of musical possibilities as electronics take flight and soar into an ethereal, magical atmosphere.

In between his last release, he spent time with the improvisational noise group Kismabande and in an experimental project called Kulgurid which he credits for his influence for “En Garde”.

Watch the video (shared above) ‘Ataraksia koidikul’ from his latest album.


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