‘Brainfeeder X’ compilation out Nov 16th – track from Ross From Friends released

Brainfeeder celebrates their 10th anniversary with the compilation titled ‘Brainfeeder X’.  Its scheduled to be released Nov 16th.

For the last ten years, Brainfeeder has described itself  “less a label than an international conspiracy to conquer clichéd sounds, a glowing neon helix re-organizing the DNA of hip-hop and house, jazz and ambient, techno and soul, funk and footwork and every other strain of beat music that eludes compartmentalization. The Flying Lotus-founded label has become a sanctified refuge for those who believe that nothing is too weird, genre is largely obsolete, and the wildest style will always reign supreme.  They remind the world that the future is only as far away as it needs to be.”

Artists a part of their roster include Teebs, Tokimonsta, Lapalux and Flying Lotus and include recent signess Brandon Coleman and Dorian Concept.

To promote the release they released a 2nd track from British producer and another recent signee Ross From Friends.

Recently the lo-fi house pioneer released its latest album Family Portrait. just this past summer. For this compilation, they contribute the track titled “Squaz”.



feature image – Credit: Charles Munka

source of news from press release