Watch The Futuristic Techno Video for “Entropy” by Moritz Simon Geist

Watch the videotrack by multimedia artist Moritz Simon Geist from the upcoming full album  Robotic Electronic Music out on November 16 via Sonic Robots Records

Once again veteran electronic artists Mouse on Mars produced his newest release just like they did with their recent EP The Material Turn.

According to the release,  its the first techno records played entirely by self-made futuristic robots ranging from small motors that beat on metal, futuristic 3D-printed robo-kalimbas, salvaged parts from old hard drives that click and cut. It took Geist several years to build, tweak, test and play all his DIY robotic instruments which push the boundaries of the imaginable.  With these releases Geist explores the unknown and the futuristic world of techno robotics.

As a bonus, i also shared the making of the making techno with music video.  Perhaps a making of the making of the making is in the making.  I jest.


source from press release