Chill #48 – Best of 2018

As i promised, i’m further sharing the playlist for Chill #48’s Best of 2018 edition now on Mixcloud.  There wasn’t too much criteria to determine, but one thing is clear – it had to be released in 2018.  Some music wasn’t aired on any episodes until the #Bestof2018 episode of Chill #48 so you’ll be hearing it on this show the first time.  Anyhow here’s the playlist if you didn’t see it before with some links.  By the way, this episode has over one hour of music.  Hope you enjoy.

Best of 2018 Playlist  #bestof2018 #mixcloud
tired of the sunshine – hanna kost
days forever (feat georgia) – suicideyear
infinite – ginla
3ndless – pastel ghost
color spectrum (tokyo drift) (ft smrtdeath) – pictureplane
k yen dreaming – ouri
the altar (ruined by yves tumor) – alice glass
secrets (feat drop the gun) – sun glitters
be this way (feat Steffaloo) – arms and sleepers
closer to me – in her eye
box the needle – molly drag
yet to come – the day
bring me his head – seasurfer
terminal 3 – swoone
Ataraksia Koidikul – Galaktlan
seven crows – marley carroll 
pale blue dot – ross from friends
dishwasher – dorian concept