watch Odd Beholder’s new video ‘Isometry’ plus upcoming additional tour dates in Europe

Odd Beholder, the Zurich-based band project of Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann, earlier this month (Jan 2019) announced new European tour dates and released a new video for the track ‘Isometry’.  Its from her debut full album “All Reality Is Virtual”.  Combining elements of melancholia and electronic pop with her subdued pensive and reflective delivery, Odd Beholder released two EPs beforehand.

The video was filmed in China during the 2017 tour.  Commenting about it, Weinmann says: “In isometric space representation, things are always displayed in the same size, no matter how close or how far away they are from the viewer. The ancient Chinese often used this technique in their ink paintings. I spent a few months in China in 2007. I can’t forget that time until today, the memories don’t fade – like in parallel perspective, things just don’t get smaller, even though they’re always further back.”

And she continues: “China has fundamentally changed my perspective on the world. I began to understand how strange humanity is, how entangled we are globally, how China enables the basis of our consumer behaviour. At the same time I felt lost on a foreign continent and yet profoundly as a human among humans.”

Odd Beholder recently made her first appearance at the Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands.  Her tour continues in Feb 2019.

09.02.2019 – CH – Baden, One Of A Million Festival
10.02.2019 – DE – Offenbach, Hafen 2
11.02.2019 – DE – Saarbrücken, Mauerpfeiffer
12.02.2019 – DE – Jena, Leuchtturm
13.02.2019 – DE – Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
14.02.2019 – DE – Hannover, Feinkostlampe
16.02.2019 – DE – Darmstadt, Bedroomdisco
24.02.2019 – CH – Bern, Bee-Flat im Progr
05.04.2019 – DE – Karlsruhe, Café Nun


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