Martin Bradley of the Death Notes talks about After Daylight

after daylight martin bradley

Recently guitarist Martin Bradley – of the English post punk band The Death Notes –  released his first full album under his new project titled After Daylight called “The New Dawn”.  Definitely DIY focused, it is available on his bandcamp page.  After 10 years with the band, Martin decided in 2018 he wanted to pursue a new direction when creating After Daylight.

“With the music of The Death Notes being a collaborative effort, the sound did tend to end up in a dark post punk direction, due to the collective influences within the band. I have always been a fan of the ‘shoegaze’ scene/sound and I have been writing a lot of music from those influences over the last few years. Much of it was not completely suitable for the Death Notes sound, so I have decided that this new project will concentrate in further exploring this style of music.” said Bradley.

For Death Notes fans, there may still be some songs left on the floor that see the light under this project.  Bradley adds “…….the song ‘The Drowning’, is an old Death Notes song that was never used but was one of my favourite songs that I wrote from that era. I really felt that I should finally get it recorded and get it out there. So there is still a bit of post punk influence on this album. The new album that I am working on will be more of a move away from the post punk influences. Fingers crossed, that (it) will be out by October (2019).”

Check out the latest release ‘Snowdrop’ from the newest album shared below.


While the bio states influences from Mogwai, Mono, Interpol, Slowdive, Ride, Loop, Echo and the Bunnymen, Russian Circles, My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division and Sonic Youth i couldn’t help on how compelled i was to keep returning to the Loop suggestions – although there’s tracks that recall the shoegaze/space station themes as well (Slowdive, Catherine Wheel).

“I am a massive fan of Loop. I think that their influence is definitely evident on songs like ‘Monolith'”, but also carefully avoids deliberation, “but it will have been more of a subconscious thing rather than an attempt to copy their sound. My method of writing is to literally sit with the guitar and jam around to see if any interesting ideas come out and then work on developing them. The beauty of moving towards a purely instrumental direction is that I don’t have to be restricted to a set verse chorus verse chorus middle eight chorus song structure, so it allows me to take my ideas in many different directions whilst still making it melodic and interesting to listen to. However, it is definitely humbling to have someone think of a band such as Loop when they listen to my music, especially one I hold in high regard. So thank you.”


source of bio courtesy of press release, interview segments by Ray DeSpinlema