Chill #51 playlist

Chill #51 features music from Tim Hecker and David August, two music artists/producers who represent the more ambient side of the III Points festival in South Florida this weekend (Feb 15th to Feb 17th).  In addition, we have a brand new release from Bristol ambient electronic artist Phonseca and other current releases from Christopher Sky and Matthew Dear – who is on tour and scheduled to perform live in South Florida March 2nd (2019).  On Dec 27, 2018, Sun Glitters announced their Singles Collection 2011-2017 album was available on Spotify.  We’ll be playing a track from that as well.

Chill #51 closes out with probably (maybe) one of the more ambient sets in the entire series.
Hope you enjoy.

Chill #51 Playlist

her myth – David August
bunny’s dream – matthew dear
emotions – pastel ghost
maybe tommorrow – phonseca
end of an era – christopher sky
beautiful bad day – sun glitters
borderlands – tim hecker
muns de etrah – alio die and lorenzo montana
Kvantsurematu – Galaktlan
21.12.2012 – sorrow