Italian shoegaze/post punk act Be Forest set for US tour in support of their newest release “Knocturne”

Be Forest - Knocturne album art

Now that Italian shoegaze/post-punk trio Be Forest have released their long-awaited new album “Knocturne” through the Italian-American label collective We Were Never Being Boring (on February 8th), the band is ready to follow up on a prior announced tour to America in a few days – this Friday actually (March 8th). They’ll start at the New Colossus Festival in Brooklyn before spending four days at SXSW 2019 in Austin, TX (where they’ll be playing at some of the same showcases as fellow Italogaze artist Rev Rev Rev), before touring the rest of the country before apparently closing out back in Brooklyn.  In between, they’ll also be at the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID.  See the dates below for more details.

If you’re not familiar with Be Forest, my initial reaction to them was written on my Catching up with Italogaze write up from last year.  I described it as “music that relies on the aesthetics of futuristic preservation”, which happened to be my impression of “Earthbeat” at the time.  They are a three-piece band from Pesaro, Italy formed in 2010 consisting of: Costanza Delle Rose (bass, vocals), Erica Terenzi (drums, guitar, vocals) and Nicola Lampredi (drums, guitars).  With prior releases (“Cold” and “Earthbeat”), they have oscillated from post punk to dreamy ethereal and shoegaze sprinkled with driven tribal vibes and longing melancholic verses.  With their newest release “Knocturne”, Be Forest describes the new release as a response to the sentiments of today’s times of tyranny, sadness and confusion, an evocative album that retreats toward imaginative universes of infinite midnight feels.   From the grand curtain rising of “Atto I” to the fantasia free-fall finale of “You, Nothing,” the trio takes the listener upward to solemn, celestial places of endless sky as well as plunging them into the abyss depths of infinitude that defy conventional adjectives and descriptions.

In addition, Be Forest enlisted Steve Scanu to assist with production and mixing duties and mastering came courtesy of Josh Bonati (Mac DeMarco, Zola Jesus, David Lynch).

And the reviews have lined up with positively.
The Line of Best Fit calls it”…a pensive yet menacing slice of goth…” and “…gorgeous, ethereal and moody “Bengala” that has some serious Slowdive vibes.” – BrooklynVegan

The movement from the seemingly stable “Earthbeat” to the unknown darkness of “Knocturne” is not uncharted at all, as if the appreciation of our planet, what we have been lucky to experience, is feeling the long dark foreshadowing of what others have experienced all along.  With the atmosphere emerging into coldness and the beats drumming primitively into darkness, a line is established crystal clear and it separates from nothingness and yet with “Knocturne” an impressive attempt is in display from crossing into the path of abyss where break down is imminent.  The song ‘K’ and ‘Sigfrido” emphasizes this best, icy sounding guitars and life incentive patterns.  If you want to further speculate on an artist based on their newest release, give Be Forest and especially this release a chance. In my mini review, i have this slightly obsessive theory to myself that this could be significant in hindsight, maybe moreso than the current climate of Italogaze but the reason is unclear.

Check out the video below.   “Knocturne” is available for sale and on all music services.


Upcoming Be Forest Tour Dates

3/08 – New York, NY – Pianos (The New Colossus Festival)
3/09 – New York, NY – Coney Island Baby (The New Colossus Festival)
3/12 – Austin, TX – Barracuda (Part Time Punks SXSW Showcase)
3/13 – Austin, TX – The Velveeta Room (WWNBB SXSW Showcase)
3/14 – Austin, TX – The Catherine
3/16 – Austin, TX – (WWNBB’s 10th Anniversary Boat Party)
3/17 – St Louis, MO – Gaslight
3/18 – Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club #
3/19 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle #
3/20 – Minneapolis, MN – Kitty Kat Club
3/22 – Denver, CO – 7th Circle Music Collective
3/23 – Boise, ID – Treefort Music Fest
3/27 – Seattle, WA – Lo Fi Performance Gallery
3/29 – Oakland, CA – Starline Social Club
3/30 – San Diego, CA – Tower Bar
3/31 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex
4/03 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere

# – with Lightfoils

+ more to be announced!

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