Music Review: synth-gazer Sun Glitters’ cinematic motifs satisfies again for new album “Lo-Fi-Lo-Ve”

Sun Glitters_Press Photo

Sun Glitters, one of the quintessential examples of the coined term chillwave (glo-fi or hypnagogia) over the last decade with its delicious combinations of shoegaze and glitch, dream pop and experiments plus explorations and deviations recently (well last Nov 2018) released its latest album “Lo-Fi-Lo-Ve”.  I’m unsure of what number this full release is, but for more info check out the Sun Glitters Bandcamp page.   Don’t forget the Facebook page too.   Created by multimedia artist Victor Ferreira, when comparing his inspirations in the chillwave realm, they apparently differ than your typical modern Christopher Cross/Fleetwood Mac recollections like Small Black for example (nothing wrong with them or that but the difference is noticeable).  His hashtag usages of shoegaze and dream pop are more than mere lip service.  His collaborations with some female artists are some of the closest you get to the Cocteau Twins and Slowdive.  His use of the term glitterswave apparently is to unite them all.  As the decade has passed, he’s incorporated different ideas – synthwave remixes for example.  2017’s “It Will Be Forever” was a retro-futuristic release inspired by his upbringing in the 1980s.  Some of it personally reminded me of a “Stranger Things” soundtrack but I digress.   With Sun Glitter’s newest release “Lo-Fi-Lo-Ve”, while for all its intents and purposes is about taking a new step, gives the impression of a welcome home of sorts, but like the welcoming of an old friend, not an overused template.

Maybe its because some of its unintended influences are now front and center.  Tracks like ‘The Unexpected’ , ‘No Time to Waste’ and ‘Different the Same’ carried by its floating and dreamy atmosphere also tells a story as similar as Penguin Cafe Orchestra’s “Telephone and Rubber Band”.  “Happy Walking” sounds like a fun trip in the reminiscing yet depreciated light perhaps saved by remastering technology, an ode to Sesame Street park segments in mid-tempo stride and a good pick to play on the dance floor unless you’re trying to smash.  I like the masking-like background sounds of  ‘Don’t Look Back’ especially the beginning, a collage of noise that should be crashing together, but instead is like a symphony warming up, when all of a sudden a booming beat subdued somehow breaks enough to be noticed. The last song ‘What’s Right or Wrong’ is a nice cornucopia of bright tempos and sounds that is firmly MBV Loveless influenced but with random industrial-like samples that carry the gravitas of an Orb track.

While some tracks struggle a bit in its formation, they find a way to appeal in its own way.  First-timers who have an affinity for trip-hop should like ‘Secrets – Drop the Gun’ and ‘Wrong Days’ but it certainly didn’t stand out to me like its strongest. At first, it felt beneath him recording it, but both tracks especially the whispering sounds of ‘Wrong Days’ has found its way. While that doesn’t suggest perfection for “Lo-Fi-Lo-Ve”, it does confirm there’s not a track to avoid, especially if you’re a big fan of artists like Sun Glitters.  My recommendation if you’re a first-timer.  After this greatly influences your life, go visit the Sun Glitters page afterward.

-pics and some sources courtesy of press release