Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen collaborate for newest release “Toward the Horizon”

Towards the Horizon cover 300

American ambient musician and film score composer Craig Padilla has accumulated a vast amount of recordings since his mid 1990s debut “Eye of the Storm”, more than 40 to be exact and even this decade hasn’t slowed him down. His music is regularly heard on XM Satellite Radio and radio stations throughout the US, including the long running radio programs “Echoes” and “Hearts of Space.” His last release “Being of Light”, was a 2017 collaboration with another veteran musician Howard Givens.  For 2019, he recently teamed up with long time folk guitarist Marvin Allen and in February released a new album “Toward the Horizon”.  Known more than a title, the newest release is a recording project that began as a minor musical experiment and quickly blossomed into what they view as an alluring album that perfectly synthesizes the talents of two long-time friends who are finally collaborating for the first time.

Padilla explains, “I’ve known Marvin since 1990 and I’ve always wanted to make music with him, but we’ve been traveling our own paths since then and never had a proper chance to collaborate until now. We began by riding the waves of inspiration and following our creativity to see where it would lead us.”

According to the bio, any electronic, ambient and rock music fan should expect to  thoroughly appreciate the resulting explosive melodies, classic Berlin school sequencing, and haunting ambient soundscapes. Allen uses Strymon Effects on his guitar, and all of the synthesizer parts on “Distant Waves” were created using only a modular synthesizer that was designed by legendary synth builder George Mattson.

Padilla muses on the recording process, “On Hidden, Marvin played a rippin’ guitar solo, and when he finished he said  ‘Reverse that, throw some reverb and any other magic on it and see how it sounds.’”  This is also Allen’s first foray into the world of ambient electronic music; he is an established Northern California based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, performer, and music educator.  Check out samples of the new album below.  Its released by Spotted Peccary Music and also available on streaming services such as Spotify.



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-feature image from left to right – Marvin Williams and Craig Padilla