Watch the latest video from Naples dream pop music artists Starframes

Starframes - Nicht Vergessen

Since the first single ‘Berlin is in Love‘ was released last summer, the Naples based Starframes proceeded to release their third full album, the conceptual Nicht Vergessen last November 2018.  Written by their guitarist/singer Raphael Bramont, the album and story is loosely based on Anna Funder’s book “Stasiland”.  This month (March 2019), they released another video from the album called ‘Close’.

In describing the song, “its related to the third chapter of our album-novel, Nicht Vergessen, and takes place during main characters’ (Friedrich Braun and Akelei) first meeting in the winter of 1961; with the lyrics containing both dialogue and emotions occurring between them. It’s a snap-shot in an East Berlin courtyard, an innocent moment in a cold and dangerous era.”

As the lyrics close out, sung in John Lennon-esque like “You’re even better than the girl I conceived from far away/I realize that I’ve never been so close to you/We’re living where they try to own the pages you want to hide/We won’t allow this, just have faith in me Akelei”, the jangly guitar rhythms subtly submerge and is succeeded by gliding and lucid yet psychedelic passages more inspired by solo Lennon outings, as if the meeting of 1961 couldn’t attach itself to an appropriate soundtrack until 10 years later at the least.

Watch the video below.  The full album Nicht Vergessen can also be found on other music services.


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