Listen to new single ‘Opium’ by Indie-electronic artist Tim Aminov – “Opium” EP will be available April 11th

tim aminov

Update – EP release was actually April 11th. That said, available now.

Moscow based music producer and composer Tim Aminov, fresh off the success of his 2018 video releases – including the Festival London Short Series nominated ‘ORPHEUS (FEAT. CÉDRIC GASAÏDA)’ and critically acclaimed ‘VENENO’ – recently released his newest single ‘Opium’ on March 14th. Listen to it below.

If you’re familiarity of him is limited to the tracks listed above and his music soundtracks like the First – soon to be available on Netflix – fans of Yves Tumor, Gaika, Amnesia Scanner, and James Blake should take note that he’s influenced by all listed. In addition according to his bio, his new solo material could be best described as a blend of electronica, RnB and Neo-Soul with definitive Trip-Hop and Chill tones, delving deep into a rich, atmospheric and textural focus…comparable to similarly like-minded artists such as Jordan Rakei, Corbin or River Tiber.

Expect melancholic keys at the start of the self-produced title-track of his upcoming EP before Tim’s sombre voice fills the void over atmospheric effects. Soon after, a bass-heavy trap-like beat is introduced as the hook of the song hits and the dark tone of the track is filled with atmospheric synthesizers, creating a layered production that oozes with Tim’s signature minimal, yet intricate soundscapes.

When asked about the EP he comments, “This release was written under the influence of a difficult situation in Russia. We live in a very aggressive political mood and this mainly concerns ordinary people in our country.”

Tim Aminov’s EP “Opium” will be available March 28th  April 11th…out now.