Watch ‘Moyashi Kids’ single from Japanese experimental artist Foodman – “ODOODO EP” to be released March 29th

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Upcoming March 29th, Japanese experimental electronic artist Foodman will be releasing his newest EP titled “ODOODO”.  His last recording was the full album “Aru Otoko No Densetsu” from 2018. Since his early 2010s beginnings, his take on rhythmic ambient, trap, slow-tempo house, dub, and more…mixed with his juke and footwork experimentations have garnered rave reviews and the attention of the Mad Decent label who will be releasing this EP.

According to the bio, Foodman, real name Takahide Higuchi, created “ODOODO” from ideas that came to him in his everyday life while walking, having bath at sento (Japanese public baths), eating lunch, and so on.  He also brought his laptop everywhere, producing the EP away from the confines of a studio and emphasizing on the organic atmospheres.

In addition, while the Japanese word “odoodo” (pronounced “oh-doh-oh-doh,” meaning “unconfident, nervous”) is an onomatopoeia to describe someone acting intimidated, timid or anxious, Foodman chose the title not for its lexiconal meaning, but because he found it curious how when written in capitalized English, it has the appearance of a string of circles and semi-circles.

Joe Bastardo is responsible for the playful cover art, a vaguely architectural structure that evokes some kind of dancing alien monolith that makes sense even when inverted.

Instead of reading about Foodman (especially if already you know about him), how about click on the link for the new single below.

Foodman’s new EP “ODOODO” will be available March 29 on the Mad Decent label.
Pre-orders are also being taken for the cassette release.

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