News – “Duels” EP is cinematic duo Brim Liski’s first release in 7 years


Its been seven years since, but Denver based shoegaze and electronic duo Brim Liski released their newest EP “Duels” this past March (March 22nd 2019) on the Latenight Weeknight Records label.  Formed in 2008, its their third release – with their previous one being ‘The Repetitions’ album in 2012. They released their eponymous ‘Brim Liski’ album in 2009.

According to their bio, this is dark, limitless night music perfect for driving down an endless moon drenched highway. Ultimately, we are hearing a mixture of the diverse sounds both artists bring to the table, setting them apart in a brilliant light.

“Like the EP as a whole, ‘A Different View’, is about the challenge of acceptance to new unexplored territories in our lives. Making big changes. Accepting things aren’t working and to move on. I personally had many issues blocking me from being who I wanted and needed to be,” says Ryan Policky.

“I had been falling victim to acceptance to things I should be pushing away, and once those things were fully pushed out of the picture, things became that much more clearer. Just like the discoveries of new galaxies, formations on other planets, and other unknowns, the focus is becoming more apparent as technology and time moves on.”

The duo consists of A Shoreline Dream vocalist and producer Ryan Policky and multimedia artist artist Cacheflowe (aka Justin Gitlin).

‘Duels’ is available now via online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. it can also be obtained via Bandcamp.

Watch the title song from the EP below.


source courtesy of and shared by press release