Multimedia artist Low Rhahn experiments with a new release of dark folk and early industrial with a noticeable dose of occultism


Brazilian multimedia artist Low Rhahn whose prior albums consist of ambient, shoegaze and post punk material such as Astrocrushing and Sinestesia Letargica, early this week (April 1st) released an album that went in a somewhat darker direction.  This project is titled 973-eht-namuh-973 – perhaps inspired by the mysterious website of the same name, especially since the album is titled “abracadabra”.  Do a search and see for yourself.  I’m sure there’s someone i know who knows of this better.  So i’ll leave it at that.  I’m going to speculate he didnt use this as a means to peddle Top 40 pop songs.  This is a release that experiments with dark folk and industrial passages.

Not meaning to digress that much, but i remember one day i was given this video to watch.  It was this Christian documentary film titled Hells Bells – the Dangers of Rock n’ Roll.  I suppose instead of feeling revolted, i felt indoctrinated.  Ok bands like The Smiths and the Cure and even the darker parts of Bauhaus were already on my playlist (aka tape and CD collection) by this time. When i say the darker parts of Bauhaus, this was before the internet when folklore and music like this went hand in hand….and Hell’s Bells used that to their advantage.  Where was the media back then…no attempt to debunk some of the strangest myths involving music artists around that time?   Anyhow i’m digressing too much, the reason why i brought this up was because they had a segment about another artist i finally got the chance to listen thanks to policies cut import prices to domestic…plus i will guess and i’m sure i’m wrong…but American labels and distributors in the Reagan era didnt know what to do with artists like Current 93.

William Blake
Aleister Crowley

So yeah”Abracadbra” from 973-eht-namuh-973  – this experimental release – recalls early Current 93, plastered with Aleister Crowley and William Blake references, without the dark folk direction David Tibet incrementally approached some decade later.   Then again, it could be reminiscent of first wave industrial.  Its like sampler, not of specific bands, but a collective of the direction the said artists took. First they started with creating noise and early industrial sounds, then proceeding to dark folk recordings.

Returning to the release, to further indicate this comparison, songs that experimented with old school industrial influences like ‘LPGRTS’ were actually recorded in visits of industries and companies of the city of Campina Grande (Brazil).

The album was produced between January and March 2019.

Visit the 973-eht-namuh-973 page to listen to the new release.

Note – Aleister Crowley and William Blake are not affiliated nor ever a member of either Current 93, the Smiths, the Cure, Bauhaus or Low Rhahn.  Thanks.