Jan Roth releases acoustic driven “Redux” EP – watch the studio video ‘Boycicle’

Jan Roth photo by Sandra Ludewig

Last Friday (March 29, 2019), music artist Jan Roth released a couple of apparently acoustic driven tracks titled “Redux”.  The EP shares songs that were on his prior release “Kleinod” but recorded differently.   From the bio, the very reduced sound concept of the pieces – piano and restrained beatbox – Roth says: “The two walk beautifully side by side, the piano points a lot to the trees and clouds and people and animals. The beat goes alongside, kicks stones, but is not there without pleasure. Neither of them pulls on the other. They just spend their day together.”

Watch the live studio video “Boycicle” feat. Antonia Hausmann below.  The new EP is released by Sinnbus.

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