Watch the Yugen Blakrok video ‘Gorgon Madonna’ from recent LP “Anima Mysterium”

This was released last Thursday (Mar 28th 2019), but never too late to share or feature.  Watch the video ‘Gorgon Madonna’ (shared above) by the hip hop/dark wave artist Yugen Blakrok. Its the follow up to her debut “Return of the Astro Goth”.

This is the third release from the “Anima Mysterium” album and follows videos for “Picture Box” and “Carbon Form”.

According to the bio, the video intercuts shots of Yugen writing in her book, an old zombie couple playing chess, dancers with glowing mouths moving in slow motion, and a young girl performing a shamanistic ritual over the body of an old man. By the video’s end, the old and presumably sick man has been healed and smiles warmly at the young girl.



parts of feature shared from press release