Modern classical composer Nico Cartosio’s album “Melting” is set for April 17th release – watch the video of the same name

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There’s nothing else to be said about the upcoming release of composer Nico Cartosio‘s new album “Melting”.  Its set for release on April 17th.  Watch the already popular video of the same name.  Since its release late March (March 20, 2019) its has close to 5 1/2  million views.

According to the bio, in the music video, we see Cartosio playing on his piano for the picturesque city as he reminisces to the time he spent with the girl he met at the café. As with all Cartosio’s videos; viewers can expect cinematic angles, swooping scenes and an emotional climax that most artists can only dream of reaching.  For those not familiar, watch the holiday inspired song ‘Christmas on the Moon’, also from the upcoming release.

Commenting on this experience, Cartosio said, “It was so beautiful as if I was in some amazingly beautiful movie. Only Sorrentino could’ve shot such a film. I remember looking at the Roman girl and hearing how she sounded. My charming companion became a melody herself. Because of this enormous beauty, which she gave me, for the first time in my life did I understand what it means when you’re melting. So this music composition is my gratitude for the la Grande bellezza – to Rome and to the beautiful Roman girl.”

‘Melting’ was mixed by Alan Meyerson (Interstellar, Aquaman, Captain America: Civil War), mastered by Patricia Sullivan (Bernie Grundman Mastering), the conductor is Gavin Greenway (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunger Games), 1st violin performed by John Mills (Doctor Strange, Beauty and the Beast), the piano was handled by John Lenehan (Harry Potter, Insurgent), the harp by Skaila Kanga (The Avengers, Star Wars) and finally the percussion was performed by Frank Ricotti (Interstellar, Spectre).

The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Watch below or click “Melting” to watch the video and read more about it.

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