News – Kelly Moran releases new video ‘Water Music’ from LP “Ultraviolet” – tours again starting late April at Moogfest 2019

Earlier this week (April 8, 2019), composer Kelly Moran released the music video for ‘Water Music’ from her current release “Ultraviolet”.  Its the third single from the album consisting of contemporary classical, electronic and experimental tracks.  The album is available from the Warp Records label.  Released last November (2018), its received praise from Pitchfork and Exclaim – the latter saying the album “is indebted to the charm of the natural world, but with it, Moran unlocks dazzling new ones in the process.”

According to the bio, the video, directed by close collaborator Katharine Antoun, pays homage to Moran’s transcendent experience in the woods of Long Island, one which inspired the making of Ultraviolet.

“On the day I made the music that eventually became this record, I went swimming in the ocean and for the first time went far past my comfort zone in the water,” says Moran. “I’m usually too skittish to go deeper than my ankles, but I felt completely uninhibited that day and actually let myself swim and feel the weight of my body disappear in the water. With this newly achieved sense of freedom and looseness, I attempted to bring that feeling back to my studio when I played piano later that day.”

Also included in this collaboration is visual artist Cassie McQuater and her involvement in the video and Oneohtrix Point Never’s additional production and synth in the song.  Moran toured as a member of OPN’s MYRIAD ensemble, Antoun and Moran are longtime friends who’ve connected visually throughout much of the “Ultraviolet” experience, and McQuater commissioned Moran to score her recent video installation Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds, which premiered at Frieze in Los Angeles last month. 

Watch the video above or click on the ‘Water Music‘ link for the youtube page.

Moran also recently wrapped up a string of European dates recently but will be on tour later this April (2019) starting with Moogfest 2019 – its 15th Anniversary – in Downtown Durham (NC) and the MUTEK – San Francisco.  See dates below.

Tour Dates:

04.27.19: Moogfest @ Carolina Theatre (Durham, NC)
05.03.19: MUTEK San Francisco @ Herbst Theatre (San Francisco, CA)
05.11.19: End to End @ Camp North End (Charlotte, NC)
05.20.19: Roulette (Brooklyn, NY)
06.06.19: Villette Sonique (Paris, France)
07.20.19: Sónar (Grand Piano A/V Live) (Barcelona, Spain)
09.01.19: End of the Road Festival (Dorset, United Kingdom)

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Featured Image Credit: Tim Saccent