Listen to the single ‘Half Past Nine’ from Canadian indie dream pop band Close Talker – from new album out Fall 2019

Close Talker credit – Nicole Marie

Earlier this year (Feb 2019), Canadian indie band Close Talker released their new single ‘Half Past Nine’ from their upcoming album “How Do We Stay Here?” due for release in the fall of 2019.   Founded in 2012, their mixture of indie, pop and shoegaze has resulted in three releases with 2019s album to be the fourth.

In discussing the single, they focus on the intimacy of a concert, where its a place where you can find people from every walk of life come together for the same reason. It’s a place where you share something in common with complete strangers and a place where you can experience something transcendent with people you will never even know. ‘Half Past Nine’ is about a concert the three of us attended, at our favorite summer festival. It’s about looking around at friends, at strangers, and seeing each person sing along to words that mean so much to them – words that have carried them through times only they know about.

It’s about holding on to the moments that you never want to end, and then desperately trying to remember them after they are gone. It takes hindsight to recognize when something profound has happened, but every now and then, you’re able to sense it right in the moment. This song is about those moments and the attempts to cling to them.

Watch the video below.  More info on the new album to come.


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