Watch ‘Four Leaf Clover’ from the latest album”Here’s The 101 On How To Disappear” from the indie dream pop band Dakota

Watch Dakota‘s video ‘Four Leaf Clover’ from the latest album “Here’s The 101 On How To Disappear” released on Feb 8th on Sinnbus.  Its their fifth overall release.

Expect the latest album from the band consisting of Lisa Brammer, Lana Kooper, Jasmine van der Waals and Annemarie van den Born to blend washed-out walls of sound and sunny california feelings, driving garage rock and melancholic, meandering dream pop, and combine all this with clever and sharp, sometimes bitter observations about everything interpersonal.

In short, it flew under my radar so this goes to those new to Dakota. For their fans, they shouldn’t be disappointed about the newest release.

Dakota_1_by Bibian Bingen.jpg
Dakota pic by Bibian Bingen