Listen to the new episode of This is Chill – Chill #54 uploaded

Chill #54 is available at This Is Chill Mixcloud page.  Click on the link or listen to the player above.  At over 90 minutes long, its one of the longest episodes of the series.  With Moogfest 2019 happening next week (April 25th to April 28th, 2019), and other new releases, it was difficult to keep it under an hour, much less 45 minutes.  Chill #55 will most likely be the same.

Speaking of Moogfest 2019, many of the artists on this episode will be performing at the 15th anniversary festival.  This episode features tracks by The Field, Ouri, Matthew Dear, Spelling, Debit, Faten Kanaan and Wolfgang Voigt aka Gas.

Also of note, Xeno and Oaklander is on tour and will be making several appearances in the Southeast United States especially in Orlando. Check their event list for more info and here’s Dais Records sharing their tour on their instagram page also.  Yeah i know ‘Moonlight’ is not from their latest album but couldn’t help myself.

And there’s new music from Uppermost, Janus Rasmussen and Robot Koch.

Chill #54 playlist

uppermost – days and nights
lauge and baba – southern hemisphere
phonseca – i see a dream
janus rasmussen – lilla
the field – cupid’s head (gas mix)
robot koch – another world
ouri – we share our blood
luckyandlove – soul alive
xeno and oaklander – moonlight
merely – the sunset beach
matthew dear – bunny’s dream
spellling – haunted water
Robyn – who do you love? (wolfgang voigt GAS mix)
Bizarre – any day
Azaleh – submerged
Debit – Dreams last long (Jewels You were meant for me ambient remake)
Faten Kanaan – The Rises


More details being added to this feature.